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We take care of your budget and at the same time, moreover, we give you flexibility and ease in modifying your plan and adding or removing medical service providers from your medical network according to certain conditions and conditions.

1- Primary care physician ( PCP )
Specialist in Internal Medicine appointed by EGYMED for the treatment of your staff.
(EGYMED company bears the cost within the maximum limit specified for each program)

2-Medical services at hospitals include:
-Surgical operations that require hospitalization.
-Daily surgical operations.
-Intensive care unit.
-Diagnostic examinations that take place at the hospital as a day case.
This coverage includes the cost of hospitalization, fees of doctors, assistants and anesthetists, along with medical requirements. Medication in the operating room and in the internal department, medical and laboratorial examinations, and the diagnostic x –rays of the case.
(EGYMED company bears the cost within the maximum limit specified for each program)

3- the medical services in outpatient clinics include :
-Medical examinations by consultants and specialists in different branches of medicine.
-All kinds of laboratorial analysis.
-All kinds of diagnostic x – rays.
-Providing medication prescribed by the doctors of EGYMED or by the consultants of the medical network of the company. (This item can cancel, or a percentage of Co-insurance can be included according to your desire with special rate.)
(EGYMED company bears the cost within the limits of the sub-maximum specified for it)

The number of sessions can be determined according to the chosen program.
(EGYMED company bears the cost within the limits of the sub-maximum specified for it)

5- Dental coverage
It includes (within the limits of the selected sub-limit) gum treatment, dental filling, extraction and root canal treatment without artificial fixtures.

6- Cover the medical glasses
It includes (within the selected sub-limit) the medical glasses within the financial limits according to the chosen medical program without covering the contact lenses.

7- Cover pregnancy and childbirth
It includes (within the limits of the sub-limit specified for each program).

● Follow-up of the pregnancy by the consultant physician and by means of sound waves, analyzes and medications.
● Normal delivery
● Caesarian delivery.

Optional services are added as per your request ...

8- Emergency cases: 
-Emergency services are available for 24 hours daily.
An ambulance is on call upon urgent medical need and within the financial Limits specified for ambulances.
(EGYMED company bears the cost within the maximum limit specified for each program)

9 - Hotline service and mobile applications.

● Providing 24/7 Call Center service through the number (15132) in order to obtain the required medical approvals by phone. This is where all services and approvals can be obtained through the Mobile Application and Approval system in order to facilitate the service for the customer.

● The medical network of EGYMED company consists of a distinguished and selected group of distinguished hospitals and medical centers that enjoy high efficiency in providing various medical services.
● A group of consultants and specialists selected from elite university professors who have medical competence known in all medical circles.
● Laboratories, radiology centers, and specialized medical centers approved in the medical network enjoy advanced technical and technological performance, which is reflected in the diagnosis of the patient and the provision of a high level of service.
● Pharmacies approved in the medical network of Egimed enjoy the availability of all types of medicine in the Egyptian market, especially the rare ones, along with providing the service of providing medicine to the patient at his workplace.
● The difference between first-class hospitals and second-class hospitals is the difference in the level of hotel service and not in the level of medical or nursing service.

Dear customer 

Using the service via EGYMED card 
The direct service card is a distinguished card that is presented to our distinguished customers, and it allows you to directly use the services provided in outpatient clinics in major hospitals across the republic, as well as to use the private clinics of the consultants in various specialties and in the places contracted with to provide such a service.

It also allows your Excellency to use pharmacies to dispense medicine directly, which was taken into account in its selection to be from pharmacies that enjoy the abundance of its branches, as well as the availability of most medicines in them as possible, and that also in some pharmacies contracted to provide this service in accordance with the rules of use mentioned, respectively.

Using the service by the medical practitioner
The general practitioner appointed by the company through a medical clinic that your authority prepares for his sovereignty to carry out the following procedures: -

● Initial examination of the employees.
● Examining patients and giving the necessary treatment for the cases presented to him.
● Transfer to consultants and medical examination centers (x-rays - laboratories ... etc.).
● Creating medical files for patients from among the employees.
● Transfer to hospitals within the medical network.
● Follow up on hospital admissions to ensure the quality of the medical service provided to the employees and to check on their condition.
Follow up the implementation of medical quality standards.
● Ensure the speedy performance of medical service and resolve any complaints.

- In emergency situations that pose a grave danger to human life and require rapid and immediate medical intervention to save life, the patient goes to any hospital within the approved medical network without the need for any procedures and according to his sovereignty, provided that the subscriber notifies the company of this within 24 hours of entering The hospital to complete the required procedures and approvals.

We are honored that the aforementioned shall be clarified to you, including all medical treatment requirements for your gentlemen working with us, with our full readiness to respond to any inquiries you may have.

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